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Facilities and panoramic beach resort rancabuya

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Facilities and panoramic beach resort rancabuya

Existing facilities at this beach besides track visitors disuguhkanberbagai facility will include:
1.saung-lined tourist huts along the beach were ready to rent kepda the tourists who come.
2.lahan extensive vehicle parking
3.vila-ready villa in the rental
4.lesehan typical Sundanese existing along the coast and in large numbers, and
general 6.MCK
Rancabuaya beach has an extraordinary beauty to be made in this wistawan.pantai goal has rocks - big rocks and directly bordering the Indian Ocean so do not be surprised at this beach has big waves / high even ketinggianya to 1.5 m, the beach also various new types of coral that lies along the coast in tumbuhi ganganga various types of fish and seaweed, while dominant in this beach is snapper and tuna

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Facilities and panoramic beach resort rancabuya - written by ani suryani , published at 8:13 PM, categorized as berita . And has 0 komentar
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