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Wista South Coast rancabuaya

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Wista South Coast rancabuaya

South coast has many natural attractions including a very interesting indahdan sprawling landscapes that enchant other than that there are several access roads that could ditempuhuntuk heading south to the crocodile ranch south coast is via the southern ring road lanes from the port queen / Sukabumi - Cianjur - Cidaun - Rancabuaya - pamengpek - garut-pangandaran/ciamis.dan for down the streets of tourists will see a very beautiful natural scenery along the south coast and will run through them pangandaran beach travel , hot water , Santolo , cicalobak , the peak of the cave , Rancabuaya , jayanti , sereg and queen sukabumi.sementara harbor entrance ticket for the tour kewilayah very terjangaku Just because tourists spend U.S. $ 5000-10000 / people to pay for the entry ticket in addition adalagi not levy parking charges unless the vehicle so that the tourists do not worry about their vehicles .
Travelers feels incomplete if not visit the south coast wista crocodile ranch visitors because there will be such enjoyment in suguhkan various tasting grilled fish with characteristics typical of Sunda and visitors will enjoy the beautiful beach with the sound of the sound waves Rancabuaya sertamelihat see the sun sinking in the west shack . .

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