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Travel south coast will provide Complete List Name beaches in Southern Garut region , as information for the wisawan who want to vacation beaches in the south coast of Garut , West Java ..

In addition to the famous beach in Garut the Coastal Santolo and Crocodile Ranca Beach . There are still 4 more very beautiful beach , the beach is suitable for visiting, all the beaches are still clean and natural , with huge waves and beautiful white sand and have free of litter .

To the first : Beach Rancabuaya

Rancabuaya beach is the main destination of most tourists who traveled to South Beach Garut , in addition to the beauty of this beach also has complete facilities ranging from villas to the restaurants lining the beach side , and sitting on the floor you can also buy fish here as there are small harbor for fishermen ..

Into two : Beach Cidora

for travelers who want reassurance there is a suitable place to visit that is not far from the beach there is a derivative Rancabuaya to the right before entering the Rancabuaya Beach , the direction to the right and you could walk away from Port Rancabuaya because it is still one area but surrounding communities call Cidora . If you are more pleased with the atmosphere that is not too crowded then Cidora suitable for you .

Third : Peak Guha

Guha peak is a hill which is right on the shoreline and below there is a cave . In this cave there are many types of tawaon and bats and you could see the view of the south coast from the top of the hill because there is a hole as well connect with a cave at the bottom of the hill .

Fourth : Beach Cicalobak

Cicalobak beach is a small cove with rocks on both sides of her , because jutting into the sea waves ashore not too big and its water was shallow so it is relatively safe for swimming .

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